Is Sports Betting Legal in China?

Even though gambling in China is a favorite pastime, did you know that sports betting with foreign bookmakers is illegal? So what to do if you are in China and want to bet on sports events online? Don’t worry, there are plenty of opportunities, though they do require a bit of work on your side to start.

Is it Legal to Place Wagers in Betting Websites?

Although online betting with foreign bookmakers is illegal in China, the extent the authorities go to enforce this is restricting access to specific websites.

Betting with foreign bookmakers in China is illegal, although authorities don’t do much about it aside from restricting access to the website. You can quickly go around this by purchasing a VPN. Also, most internet bookies are still available and are unblocked.

Of course, it is essential to note that even though it is generally safe and it rarely happens, the law does state that people caught gambling illegally can be subject to penalties such as fines and even imprisonment. The safest places to gamble freely and legally in China are Macau and Hong Kong.

Also, if you gamble illegally through international sportsbooks, keep in mind that at any point the site may be blocked, and you may not get access to it again.

International Bookmakers Chinese Choose

Regardless, even with the harsh laws and restrictions on gambling in China, it is a massive market. Many bookmakers are seeing this and allow registrations from China. For the most part, some are yet to be blocked. If they are, you may purchase a VPN to get to them. Here are the top pics:

  • Dafabet – They are the top bookie in Asia. They offer a variety of gambling options, and sports betting is among them. They may not have a lot of sports betting variety, but you can find the basics such as basketball, football, and cricket.
  • 22Bet – This Russian bookmaker is relatively new, but growing in popularity. The platform is user-friendly and has plenty of bonuses and promotions. They offer a variety of sports betting, including tennis, football, eSports, and more. They also have casino games and bingo.
  • 888Sport – This is also a leading bookmaker in China. They offer high odds and many betting markets. The site is straightforward to work with and find anything you need. They offer wager possibilities for 22 sports that include tennis, football, basketball, and horse racing. They also offer great bonuses and benefits.

Wrap Up

If you want to bet legally in China, your only option is the China Welfare Lottery and the sports lottery. Unfortunately, the odds aren’t good, and the regulations are strict. This is why most Chinese have opted for illegal sports betting online.

It is crucial to remember that even though there are sportsbooks that are still not blocked in China and a high percentage of the population does participate in better, it is illegal. If you choose to participate in sports betting while in China, you do so at your own risk.